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Do you want to know what all the hype around Women’s football is all about. Red Hill Women’s football team is the perfect place to find out. Still in its infancy the ‘Hillies’ first season at Red Hill was in 2017, since then we have built strong foundations to support the growth of local Women’s football.

Our team is more like a family where we focus on Trust, Honesty, Hard Work and Fun. We have a supportive, committed group of ladies who are determined to bring on field success to the club.

If you think footy might be for you and you want to get involved, even if you haven’t played before come and join us on our journey.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night until late August at the Red Hill Showgrounds on the Chip – 6 – 7.30pm.


Player Profiles

Kristin Blight

Kristine Bordador

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Leadership Group

Casey Bown

Sponsored By:

Hangi Boys

Madison Child

Elisha Clarke

Sponsored By:

Mark Holckner

Alison Cumberlidge

Sponsored By:

Mark Holckner

Aliyra Daniels

Charli Dobson

Suki Ellison

Belinda Finn

Chloe Gardiner

Sponsored By:

Joe Powell

Lauren Gascard

Sponsored By:

Gascard Accounting Services

Madeleine Gascard

Leeonie Gray

Charlotte Hoetzel

Paris Hourn

Sponsored By:

Leadership Group

Savarina Lalara

Jemma Lewis

Sponsored By:

Leadership Group

Chanel McCann

Skye Mitchell

Karen Phillips

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Leadership Group

Loi Raire

Tamsyn Rose

Millie Rose

Charlotte Seedsman

Sponsored By:

John Collett

Sunita Shaw

Eden Smith

Katherine Thiele

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Leadership Group

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