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Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors


Quarters are a distinguished residential construction company based in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, founded in 2017 by directors Tom Hayes and Matt McKimm. The company stands out for its modern approach to building, incorporating technology and cloud-based software to stay ahead of schedule and maintain comprehensive communication. Quarters is also committed to implementing sustainable methods in their projects to positively impact the environment and ensure cost efficiency for their clients.

The directors, Tom Hayes and Matt McKimm, bring unique skill sets to Quarters. Tom Hayes, the General Manager, holds a bachelor’s degree in applied science in property development from RMIT. His background includes valuable experience in the hardware industry, where he gained insights into materials, supply chains, and the economic factors influencing construction. This experience proved crucial in helping Quarters navigate challenges during the pandemic and economic pressures.

On the other hand, Matt McKimm, the Construction Manager, took the trade pathway after school and achieved recognition as a DB-U Registered Builder with the VBA in 2017. Matt’s entire career has been dedicated to high-end construction, specialising in diverse areas such as basement construction, custom prototyping of materials and designs, and high-end joinery finishes. His expertise extends to digital technical detailing, ensuring that all aspects of a project are thoroughly considered and resolved before any work commences on-site.

The collaboration between Tom Hayes and Matt McKimm reflects their successful partnership on side projects prior to founding Quarters. Their combined expertise and complementary skills contribute to the company’s success in delivering top-quality, technologically advanced, and sustainable residential construction projects.

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Anglo Italian Concrete Square

Anglo Italian Concrete is a family owned and operated business employing over 130 full time staff with a history dating back to 1927. Over the years AIC have been involved in the construction of many of Melbourne’s commercial, industrial and sporting icons. The AIC name is well known in the industry and it is one that has been hard earned and is a great source of pride for all who work for us.


Paringa Estate offers sensational food pairs with award winning wines. The incredible list of awards that Paringa Estate has collected with their wines particularly over the past 10 years are testament to the quality of the wines and the passion of the people who have made them.


Kay & Burton Real Estate continue to provide the impeccable service, trustworthy advice and sales results that established their reputation. They offer a bespoke service that caters to locals and international clientele alike, treating each property as worthy of its finest service.

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