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Henrietta Evans

Nickname and how they got it: Jett, I guess because I’m pretty quick and Coach didn’t like Het for some reason. Senior Games: 3 so far. Most played position: Half Forward Why Red Hill? Recruited by my old basketball coach, Jim Baird, and I also happen to live 5 minutes away which is a bonus. My team mates …

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Madison Child

Madison Child Nickname and how they got it: My surname is Child haha. Senior Games: None yet. Most played position: We will find out this season. Why Red Hill? It has the most infectious community and it was impossible to avoid Lordy’s nagging anymore. My teammates would say I …. “… am picking up the skills and …

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Jody Jablonski

Jody Jablonski Nickname and how they got it: Jodes. Got it as a child, not sure why, but it stuck.  Senior Games: None…yet. Most played position:Half forward and back pocket. Why Red Hill?Heard that it was a great club and very welcoming, which has certainly been her experience. My team mates would say ….“… am a happy …

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Jessie Farquharson

JESSIE FARQUHARSON Nickname and how they got it: Big Dog- because I’m the biggest dog going ‘round! Senior Games: 12 Most played position: Midfield Why Red Hill? I play netball here too. My team mates would say …. “… am not very tall.”

Ashley Swallow

Ashley Swallow Nickname and how they got it: Swallza- from my surname of course! Senior Games: None…yet. Most played position: I’ll soon find out! Why Red Hill? My boyfriend plays footy and cricket for Red Hill, so I thought I’d give it a go. My team mates would say I …. “…I can mark the ball pretty …

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Jemelya Gadsby

Jemelya Gadsby Nickname and how they got it: Jem – short for Jemelya! Senior Games: 56 Most played position: Full Back Why Red Hill? Because it’s a great Club! My team mates would say …. “…You’ve got this”.

Fiona Groenen

Fiona Groenen Nickname and how they got it: Fi – keeping it simple! Senior Games: 1 season. Most played position: Centre Half Forward   Why Red Hill? Age diversity, friendly community, and some old friends from Rosebud FNC. My teammates would say …. “… they are really excited that I’m playing this year”.

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