Player name: Franziska Wagner

Nick name: Fran

Age: 27

Height: 167cm

Occupation: Nursey Hand

AFL Supported Team: Hawthorn

When did you begin your AFLW journey? May 2017

Position on field: Everywhere, haven’t found my true position yet

Who was your favourite sports person growing up? Michael Ballack (German soccer player)

What will you remember most from 2017? Starting to play an amazing sport (footy) with an awesome team and club

What made you want to play for Red Hill the most? Dromana didn’t get a team together so I heard that Red Hill will start a team

Why do you think you ended up choosing football as the sport to play? I like to watch it and it is a bit like soccer only tougher!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young girls playing football: Keep going it is so much fun!

What has been the best sporting event you have ever witnessed? Germany winning the world cup in 2014!

Which teammate did you learn something new from last season: Strongbow, MG and Meg

Highlight of your footy career so far: I dislocated someone’s knee

My teammates would say I…. apparently Meg said I am a nerd  

In the 2018 season I will…. Hopefully improve a lot

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