Womens Football



Player name:  Molly Farquharson

Nick name:  Lordy

Age: 22

Height: 157cm

Occupation: Actor/Netball Umpire

AFL Supported Team: Melbourne Demons

When did you begin your AFLW journey? In 2013 when I played football for school and loved it but thought I would have to go really far away from home to be able to play

Position on field: Centre/Rover

Who was your favourite sports person growing up? Sharelle McMahon

What will you remember most from 2017? Wishing I was playing footy

What made you want to play for Red Hill the most? I wanted to play for Red Hill because I had a sister who was already part of the club playing netball and she told me just how wonderful and supportive the club is

Why do you think you ended up choosing football as the sport to play?  I still play netball but I feel like I always need a bit of contact sport in my life and individual sports don’t do it for me. Oh and I LOVE afl!!!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young girls playing football: Do what you love and stick to it and just give it a go

What has been the best sporting event you have ever witnessed? The netball in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Loved every minute

Which teammate did you learn something new from last season: This season as it’s my first but Rocket and Andy (Tree) are always great at reminding me to follow my ball and be there to support my teammates whether my kick is good or not

Highlight of your footy career so far: Getting my first set of boots since I was five years old

My teammates would say I…. am good at making space

In the 2018 season I will…. give 100% every game and learn new skills


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