Womens Football



Player name: Lilly Bloor

Nick name: Lil Dawg

Age: 24

Height: 175cm

Occupation: Service Supervisor

AFL Supported Team: Dees

When did you begin your AFLW journey? 2 weeks before the first game of 2017 

Position on field: Back line

Who was your favourite sports person growing up? David Neitz and Aaron Davey

What will you remember most from 2017? All the new friends I made

What made you want to play for Red Hill the most? Being approached by a player. And what makes me stay is the culture of the club. Always feeling encouraged and accepted

Why do you think you ended up choosing football as the sport to play? I didn’t choose football, football chose me 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young girls playing football: Be aggressive be be aggressive

What has been the best sporting event you have ever witnessed? Not sure

Which teammate did you learn something new from last season: Gem. I learnt you can push yourself beyond what you believe you are capable of during a game to prove a point to your Coach 

Highlight of your footy career so far: Winning coaches choice

My teammates would say I…. have a very loud voice

In the 2018 season I will…. Kick shin splints in the ass

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