Womens Football



Player name: Kristine Marie

Nick name: Border

Age: 27

Height: 157cm

Occupation: Student/Future Physiotherapist/Sports Trainer/Cherry Farm Worker/ Deli Lady

AFL Supported Team: All the women’s teams

When did you begin your AFLW journey? When I was pressured into making a decision between moving to the city and staying down on the peninsula…I chose Red Hill 

Position on field: wingman/centre

Who was your favourite sports person growing up? Allen Iverson…but he plays a different sport

What will you remember most from 2017? How amazingly awesome our team kicked ass, held our heads up, and recovered 

What made you want to play for Red Hill the most? Starting out as a sports trainer and seeing how much fun it is to actually be playing the game, plus the best bunch of ladies were on the team!

Why do you think you ended up choosing football as the sport to play? : Because it’s almost the only sport that gets so much hype in Australia…like if you’re not playing footy, then what are you doing with your life?

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young girls playing football: Play with a team that supports you positively, encourages you to play the best you can with those around you, and pushes you forward…so play for Red Hill 🤗

What has been the best sporting event you have ever witnessed? Winning our 1st game!

Which teammate did you learn something new from last season: I learned something new from everyone, some of the cool things I learned were how to kick a footy so it rolls on its nose then bounces on the ground from Tree, keep running from Libby, be loud and strong from Lil Dog, persistence is key from Books, and if you get knocked down, you get up again from Beachy…and sooo much more!

Highlight of your footy career so far: Kicking my first goal!!!

My teammates would say I…. am not afraid to throw my body on the line 

In the 2018 season I will…. Beat my opponents to the ball & train hard so I can play hard!

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