Womens Football



Player name: Kate Riley

Nick name: Rocket

Age: 25

Height: 165cm

Occupation: Animal attendant while studying VET nursing

AFL Supported Team: Bulldogs!

When did you begin your AFLW journey? 2016

Position on field: I’m obviously too nice because apparently anywhere coach needs me that game

Who was your favourite sports person growing up? Anybody that played sport I just loved

What will you remember most from 2017? Making history at the Red Hill football club and luckily enough meeting my partner on my team

What made you want to play for Red Hill the most? Who wouldn’t want to play for such an inspiring club is the question

Why do you think you ended up choosing football as the sport to play? it would be hard to define why someone loves a certain sport. I think all sports are fantastic, when I heard there was a women’s football team on the peninsula, I grabbed my sister and said let’s try this. I think apart from the culture of being surrounded by a great bunch of like-minded women, you either have the determination to succeed at something or you’re lucky enough to be good at it and that helps define what sport you fall into

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young girls playing football: Obviously come to Red Hill football club to play as a senior

What has been the best sporting event you have ever witnessed? Bulldogs premiership 2016

Which teammate did you learn something new from last season: Tash aka MG- communicating more as a captain and not so much as a dictator!

Highlight of your footy career so far: Kicking the first ever goal on the chip for the inaugural red hill women’s team

My teammates would say I…. don’t know how she got that nickname

In the 2018 season I will…. not argue with coach


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