Mens Football



Name: Jarrod Lowe

Nickname: Lowey or Rodney

Junior Football Club: Red Hill

AFL Team: Carlton

What Do You Do For Work/Study: Work: Enchanted Maze, Moonah Links Golf Course & Study: Cyber Security

Favourite Quote: “That’s the biggest bender I’ve ever seen”

McDonalds or KFC: Haven’t had either within the last 9 years soooo….. pizza?

Favourite Movie: Hot Rod

Celebrity You’d Most Like To Meet: Carl Barron

What’s Your Best Impersonation: Being like the Fevolution when in front of goals and never missing

Go To Friday Night Pre-Game Meal: Kebab

Favourite Song: We’ll be coming around the mountain- 2017 Grand Final Version

What’s Your Most Unusual Talent: Footy… like why am I so good at it…

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