HMS Scholarships

The Holmes Mock Shaw Scholarships have bee struck to honour the contribution of the Holmes Mock and Shaw families who between them and over 3 generations, have played around 3000 senior games for the Club.

The Scholarships are designed to encourage junior players at the Club to make the transition to the senior men’s and women’s teams. The Scholarships take the form of $1000 payments to the best & fairest players each year in the boys under 16 and under 17 teams and the girls under 18 team and will be paid to the awarded players when they play their first senior men’s or women’s game for the Club.

Should the awarded players not play a senior game before their 21st birthdays, the money will be applied to assist the transition of junior players to the Club’s senior teams.

There was no under 16 boys team for the 2018 season. The winners of the under 17 boys best & fairest was Thomas Slattery and the winner of the girls under 18 best & fairest was Jemma Lewis.

Congratulations to Tom and Jemma and we look forward to celebrating your debuts in the senior teams.

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